Darktable on a thumb drive? (Windows 10)

just asking, can darktable run on/from a thumb drive in Windows 10? Of course I have 2.6.2 on my SSD, but I love to try 2.7dev and its Lut3d without wiping the 2.6.2

(And thank for making Rawtherapee run on thumb drives!)

If you compile yourself following the instructions here you will have a version that can be run alongside the an installation of DT2.6.2. It should be possible to move to a thumb drive.
Please note that DT2.7 changes the some of the DT elements of the .xmp and it may not be compatible with DT2.6.2, so make a copy of the images first :slight_smile:

Here’s a portable version:
It creates a ‘userdata’ folder in the install folder
It creates the log file in ‘bin’
It sets the environmental variables in app
You’ll need to set the app path in the registry if you want to use it as a gimp plugin

I’ve only tested this on my (win7) system but it should work ok.

Thanks Marctwo,
the filebin ZIP worked fine. Just expanded it on my 1Tb external drive and dt2.7 open fine on my Windows 10. More testing later.

Thank you. I did a quick test and it seem to work well but the option "OpenCL support’ is shown but tells me that it is not available. In my installed darktable this option IS available.OS is Win7 64

What happens when you run ‘darktable-cltest.exe’?

The kernels in the zip are edited to get opencl working on my system. Maybe this breaks it for you.

I’ve uploaded a zip containing the original kernels (same link).
in ‘dt-270/share/darktable/’ rename the kernels folder (may as well keep them, you never know).
copy the original kernels folder to replace it.

Thank you! CL is now available :smiley:

Great. Out of interest, what graphics card/driver are you using?

Radeon R5 230 (2GB)