Darktable profile export settings

A while back I posted here about an issue I was having with all the image exported from Darktable turning darker than what they looked in DT.
Now I think I know what’s going on but I don’t know what would be the best solution.
Basically, I’ve noticed that in the export panel the default settings for both the profile and the intent is image settings, which is messing up the jpg making it darker.

I’ve tried with the Adobe RGB and it’s getting a little better, not as bright as in DT but better.

What are the settings you people use?

Hi @andrayverysame,

What OS are you using? Some kind of Windows, Mac, or some variety of Linux?
How is your colour management chain? [Watch out! This is a real quagmire!]

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hey @Claes

Thanks for chiming in!
I’m using DT on two Windows machines, one a desktop and the other, not ideal, a laptop (Razer 13 inch).
On my desktop machine I’m using a Dell monitor (factory calibrated) and the default sRGB profile (but I need to double check when I get home, can’t remember if it’s the default sRGB or if it’s the Dell’s). On the laptop I’m using, again, everything default. I could potentially calibrate the laptop with my Colormunki, but it comes with the Razer calibration already.
In both cases I’ve been told I’m better off leaving the calibrations as is.


Ah well. But still [I know that I am nasty]: something is not right in your chain!?!

I guess.
Out of curiosity, in case you’re using Windows, how did you configure your color management setup?

It seems that your exported image is still linear in its tone and you’re looking at it with an unmanaged viewer. DT has a linear RGB output profile selection; is it possible that it is the selected output profile? Also, make sure LittleCMS is selected to do the output transform.

FWIW, writing this on a phone, no access to software/tools…

What are you using to view the jpgs? Windows photo viewer is not color managed.

Thank you, @ggbutcher

Yeah, I also should be doing this from my computer so I could provide more accurate information, sorry about that.
But one thing you said rung a bell, I don’t think I have LittleCMS selected.

I’m using everything :slight_smile:
From my default viewer, Irfan View, to PS, Affinity, Fusion, AE…
The images look the same in all the other programs, which is, they look darker than in DT.
In fact, if I develop the raw image in PS or Affinity, the export looks good and they look consistent even in Irfan View. The problem is definitely in DT. My feeling is that the default settings, image setting for the profile and the intent, are just wrong.

My rendering intent is perceptual and color profile is AdobeRGB (prints) and sRGB (web).

Interesting, thank you @paperdigits
I think AdobeRGB was almost working for me, but strangely not sRGB.
I’ll do more tests tonight.