darktable quits/crashes when sending multiple files to trash



When I’m in the lighttable view and I select multiple files (“rejected only”) and click “trash” they get trashed but darktable hangs for up to a minute then just quits. Once or twice I got a Ubuntu “send report” dialogue, and once I got a message about memory, but other than that it just quits. I have 6 gigs of memory and at least 2.5 gigs free when using darktable. I’ve not changed any options to change buffers etc from the default. Perhaps there’s a log I/you can use to diagnose this? This is the only action I’ve taken which has crashed the app - it’s stable apart from this. I’m using darktable v2.4.2 from the PPA, on Ubuntu 16.04 64bit, 6gb ram.


Please have a look in /tmp/, darktable might have put a crash report there. However, given that Ubuntu kind of broke that feature a while ago, you might have to create the report manually:

gdb darktable
<make darktable crash>
set pagination off
set logging file gdb.txt
set logging on
thread apply all bt full

Then show me the file “gdb.txt”.


Thanks. OK, the log is here: https://pastebin.com/EB6GA5CK


The crash is deep inside GTK. Or Pango, used somewhere deep inside GTK. Does any of the file names contain “funny” characters – anything not regular ASCII? Or do you use a local other than English?


No, I’m in the UK and haven’t played around with locales. The filenames are untouched defaults from an amazon.co.uk canon m100: IMG_2028.CR2. The paths contains spaces, that’s about as odd as it gets. The files do get deleted (even if it takes 2 or 3 goes and I have to kill darktable if I delete “too many” in one go).

I can try and delete fewer in one go and see if there’s a sweet spot! Can I enable any kind of enhanced debugging?


Using gdb is as advanced as it can be. :confused: