Darktable - show only selected images



I try to complete the tagging of images in DT and therefore I use the LUA script for selcting images without tags. The point is that the script highlights (“select”) the correct images in the crowd of tagged and untagged images, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to tell dt to show only these selcted images like one can do with rejected images. Do I miss something or isn’t it implemented?


(darix) #2

Did you try the “collect” module in the darktable view? (left side)


Yes, I did. But it doesn’t contain an option for collecting “selected images” or something like that.

(Mica) #4

Make s tag called collected or untagged and apply it. Or use a color label.


That’s what I do so far. And therefore you answered my question: there isn’t a possibility to show only selected items. Thanks.