darktable under win10 crashed while drawing a mask



Hi darktable developers,
First of all thank you very much for this wonderful piece of software!
Today I experienced a crash of darktable while I was drawing a mask (path) in the blooming module. I also use darktable under ubuntu 16.04, where I have not made this experience.

I hope I can show the crash report to the developers this way. Please excuse I don’t have experience with software programming. I am new here, and I would like to help improving the program.

Best regards!

darktable_bt_L0FPKZ.txt (10,3 KB)

(Mica) #2

Hi @Lichttisch and welcome!

You’ve done well in attaching the back trace :slight_smile:

@peterbud works on the windows version, I’m sure he will be along soon to help diagnose the issue.


That crash is deep in dt’s mask code which is not exactly the best maintained part. Can you reproduce the crash or was that just a one-off thing?