Darktable update on Ubuntu

Hi everyone

I’m enjoying my foray in to the world of Linux (I’ve got Ubuntu up and running), I just can’t figure out how to update my dt. If I use the built in software update tool, it installs an old version of dt. Then I land up with 2 versions and it’s difficult to figure out which one to remove.

Does anyone know how to bypass this?


The packages that are available via the package manager of your distro are, most often, not the latest version. They might even be several versions behind.

Current, stable versions for certain distros can be downloaded from OBS. As you can see Ubuntu is among them.

Click on Ubuntu → Grab binary packages directly and select your Ubuntu version.

You can also get the latest development version at OBS if you want/need to: darktable development.

Make sure to remove the darktable version that is installed via your package manager first, just to make sure.

You don’t mention building yourself so I won’t go into that.

EDIT: Just to set your mind at ease, these packages are maintained by darix @asn (see comment below by darix).

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Add the repository so you can install updates later via apt-get. Just grabbing the binary should only be used in exceptional cases.

actually by @asn

If I remove the old version first, should I backup all my presets first and restore them to the updated version?

Having back-ups is always a good thing. That said…

You don’t have to remove the ~/.config/darktable directory. That directory holds your database files, shortcuts, preferences file, snapshots etc.

If a new darktable versions needs to make changes it will do that automatically. If this is the case then going back to an older version will most probably not be possible (yep, you can if you have a backup).

Thanks for the replies.