Darktable Workflow Walkthrough

Hello everyone - I just put up my latest Workflow Walkthrough using Darktable. I hope you find it useful! Workflow Walkthrough #13

If it is not acceptable to link to videos here please remove and accept my apologies.


There’s nothing wrong with linking to your video(s) here, others do and have done it.

I would think it wise to:

a) Keep the videos together in one topic (that is assuming you are going to post others :slight_smile: )
b) Provide a short text with the general topic of the video that you post.

I’m not a moderator here so this is just my 2c…

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I have no problem with people posting videos.

I do personally ask that you keep them all to one post, since a new topic per video seems like too much to me.

You can embed the video directly in the post too.

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That makes sense. Thanks