Darktable XML update failed on NAS

Dear community,
After moving all digital image to a NAS (Synology) the update process for the xml within Darktable failed.
Msg: Can not write xmp file … Permission denied.

I am on the latest Manjaro vesion with Darktable 3.4.1.
All folder and file permission are set.

  • Darktable (Manjaro Linux) is current the only application showing this behavior.
  • No problem with Gimp, rsync or other Tools accessing the NAS
  • Also Darktable (Windows) works as expected with the NAS.

Latest Manjaro. Darktable 3.4.1 (Other Versions like 3.5.xxx showing the same issue)
The NAS is shared via: smb-share:server=nasdisk.local,share=photo

Any tip to resolve the issue is very much appreciated.
rg SF

Did you mount the share via the command line or are you using Gnome Files or Dolphin to mount it? What is the local mount point?

Thks for responding.
The NAS mounted via /etc/fstab using automount feature
Excerpt like … 32:/volume1/photo /data/nfs/ nfs auto,x-systemd.automount …
“start and end of line skipped”

And what are the permissions on the Mount folder?

Do the (numeric) UIDs line up on your Linux box and on the NAS?

I abandoned the plan of using NFS do mount my photos folder from my (QNAP) NAS on my Linux machine and instead mount via the SMB share.

However if the UIDs for your user account on NAS and Linux are the same (e.g. you tweaked them manually or use the NAS as an LDAP server for authentication) the problem lies somewhere else.

The file permission is set to rw.
@revilo. In the initial post you can see that I also using the smb share procedure.
I would like to mention again that any other application apart from DT can do the expected file handling.

Can you do an ls -al in the share folder?

Oh, okay. It’s just that:

Looks to me like you’re mounting via NFS not SMB.