darktable YouTube live

Right now, life sucks. You might be stuck at home for safety reasons, maybe even sick and not allowed outside.


Rejoice : you are not alone ! Let’s invent social hang out version 3.0-covid-19.

What about a YouTube live session of Q&A about darktable 3.0 to fight loneliness ?

How to:

  1. fill the Doodle to help me choose the best time for the live : https://doodle.com/poll/baucwdkam33sgamc
  2. if you already have precise questions, please ask them here now so I can prepare (and possibly share raws),
  3. the live will be in English, which is not my native language,
  4. everyone opens a beer when the live starts (pregnant women and people on medication excluded, drink responsibly), no cheaters (whisky, wine, tea, coffea or chocolate allowed too).

Have fun !


Thanks for this - hope a time works out that I can join. I’ve watched your videos and really found all the technical information you provide wonderfully helpful. I’d like to watch you do a few real-time edits focusing on an exposure/filmic/tone eq/colour balance workflow and while you are explaining why you are doing certain steps and what your looking for in the image as you adjust. Maybe something like 3 edits, no more than 5 min each just to kick the session off.

All the poll times were early in the morning in my time zone, but I’m OK having a beer at 6:00 a.m. :laughing:

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Ahhh I tried to accomodate Europe and America Eastern timezones, but its quite difficult to have all the scattered people at the same time. I’m assuming you are on Pacific time ?

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I am in PST. @patdavid and I discussed having a regular hangout thing. Sounds like a good idea.

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Yes, I’m in Pacific time in B.C. The timing actually works well for me as I work regular day hours all week (now from home) so early is fine.

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My doubts:

  • If filmic is a base curve replacement, could it be used always? I’m doing it but I remember to read somewhere that it isn’t. Perhaps examples where I should not be using it?
  • I start having curve base disabled, applying lens correction, later exposing mid-tones and changing to filmic to adjust middle gray luminance to 18 and white relative exposure with the color picker. Then I go to preserve chrominance to see how it works with the different values. To finish the mechanical part, I use color balance to saturate at taste. Is this workflow correct? Shouldn’t be adjusted the exposure from middle grey luminance instead of changing from one module to another?

I think, seeing you working with explanations to understand the rational behind your decisions could be very valuable.


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I don’t have questions on top of my head right now… But if you do live session, enable live chat and once in a while check questions there. Usually when watching some dt tutorials/explainations/particular edits my questions are related closely to actions taken…

One question I do have tho is about channel mixer - if I change target, it still modifies it, rigth? And it’s quite a powerful module judging by some Boris’ videos… I wonder how to utilize it (and probably make it’s ui less… weird for my taste) :wink: But I’ll dab in channel mixer ui once i’ll finish white balance ui and once I understand channel mixer :wink:


Chat is always enabled on Youtube lives.

Target, what do you mean ?

A have already explained that several times…

Ok, it will be there :

I have chosen tomorrow, 6 PM (UTC+1/Paris) since it was the most popular spot.


Ugh… I meant destination. PL translation :slight_smile:

channel mixer interface is a bit weird for me… I always assumed that it’s single destination op, but actually you can use (i think) all destinations in single instance… this isn’t the least bit intuitive (holly church of usability be damned), but if I were to change something I’d have to understand it… I understand A LOT now about white balance and it’s problems so I can work on it.

I see. The interface is a lot more intuitive when you understand it’s only a matrix multiplication.

The problem for me isn’t matrix multiplication but that you can’t see modifiers at once despite those working there… And I don’t mean “understand how it works” but “understand it’s applications and effects it can have, usecases etc”.

@s7habo just now posted

mind reader or what :wink: I need to watch it throughly… But will still need more examples and explanations :slight_smile:

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I’m afraid you won’t learn very much new stuff. Almost only used target grey with lightness blend mode. But this has great potential. :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t Paris UTC+1 ?

Yes it is…

Oops, typo. Thanks.

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I know it (and sorry!!) but I’m having again and again the doubt with middle grey luminance slider because it’s there.

Thanks for your infinite patience :slight_smile:

It’s there because I’m stupid. Don’t search meaning in stupidity.

You’re not stupid! :stuck_out_tongue:
At the beginning, it seemed a good idea but finally no. It’s iterative design.

See you later!

I’m wondering if you can talk about where you see the Negadoctor module going in the future. I’m a film photographer and I would love for Darktable to have the functionality of Photoshop plugins like color perfect and negative lab.

Color negative inversion is the most painful part of my workflow, and I would love to do it in open source software. Thanks for all the work you do!