Debian Bullseye install opengl erros

Hello All,

Fresh installs of Debian Bullseye(11) x 2, after have been using Debian Buster (10) with no problems running latest Natron2 on them both for a few months now.

After installing Natron from the installer and launching from a terminal the machine throws about 4 lines of opengl errors and Natron disappears In effect it appears it doesn’t see the three files for drivers in the lib directory and looking the three pieces are in fact located there,one is r500? I am not at work now but there are a couple other files that cant be accessed. that are in the error lines I’m sorry i don’t have a correct terminal copy/paste. I checked and someone had a similar error and gave the mesa-opengl packages to install ,was about four packages that installed,done this but didn’t change anything

Also i downloaded the AppImage version as well and it throws the exact same errors.

I have found a few glitches in the Bullseye repositories with missing libraries,and somewhat expected this as it is still in ‘unstable’ state. I know i had to manually download a few debs from the Buster repos to complete install of a couple other programs,and knowing this isn’t the best practice it did get the programs to work.
Anyone else run into this? Tomorrow when back at work,I will post exact terminal output.