Debug Logging method for RawTherapee?

Is there a debug/logging method I can activate for RawTherapee, whether via command line or internally, for verifying RawTherapee is doing what it’s suppose to be doing?

In other words, I’m having a problem with RawTherapee applying a dynamic profile and verifying lens profiles are being applied. The applicable lens profile menu is either showing blanks/defaults or invisible font colors when showing a manual profile. (I’m messing around with editing the Rawtherapee options/config file, specifying a manually updated lensfun lens files.)

Using Void Linux, so recompiling with RawTherapee with debug option is not currently a walk-in-the-park, or easily done with xbps-src.

You can start it from the terminal and direct your output to a text file.

Using rawtherapee-5.8.1, I get no output via stdout/terminal.

It is likely you’ll only see output via stdout/terminal if you compile with debug flag?

Normal RawTherapee versions (distro package, appimage, …) are build with the release flag and thus do not produce any useful debugging information.

There’s no (config) option to turn this on after the fact, you really do need to build using the relwithdebinfo flag. There’s also no verbosity options Turns out I’m all wrong about this, see @heckflosse’s next reply.

But what do you exactly mean by:

Building using the relwithdebinfo option will make it possible to have/create a backtrace file useful for developers in case of a crash. It does not spit out (very) verbose output to the terminal.

If you are in doubt about something not working correctly you might be better of describing the might be issue here at Pixls, there’s a wealth of knowledge around here.

Close RT
Locate your options file
Open the options file in an editor




Save the file
Start RT from terminal

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bingo. verbose works now.

I found my initial problem with determining if lensfuns profiles were being applied, was due to the older lensfun-0.3.2 database version files not including my more recently added (~2019) lens profiles.

So, either had to upgrade lensfun, for which most distributions refuse to do due to overwhelming support for DarkTable, or needed to download (wilson bronger’s?) back ported updated lensfun database.

Think RawTherapee wiki should add a note about this within it’s lensfun wiki page. (Yes. I know version 2 is mostly merrily a file header change.)

Everything seems to be focused around an Ubuntu specific lens-fun-updater python script, rather than just simply using wget.

I use Debian, which comes with lensfun 0.3.2-4, like yours, and I do not have any problems. You do need to run lensfun-update-data on a regular base, though. That command checks and if need be updates the database. I decided to make it a cronjob that runs once a week.

Like I previously stated, lensfun-update-data is a python script, specific to Ubuntu… and likely Debian too.

The lensfun-update-data script is not bundled with the vanilla lensfun package, and the data the lensfun-update-data script pulls is from a third party mirror. Since the lens database is likely all text, I do not see it much of a risk.

lensfun-update-data is not part of the vanilla lensfun package. Likely a large misconception, tossing everybody a curve ball.

Not sure how often the lensfun third party database/text files are updated either. The files simply look to be a copy of the recent 3-4 year release of lensfun’s most recent database.

It, lensfun-update-data, is part of the GitHub repo ( and it doesn’t mention being distro specific.

Not saying you should build lensfun using GitHub, but it being a script: Maybe you can fetch it and use that one.

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Think I found why these (lensfun-update-data) helper scripts are not installed on Void Linux, requires configure script “IF(INSTALL_HELPER_SCRIPTS)” to be enabled. If not enabled, the user gets none of the scripts installed on their distribution. The script also depends on installed additional lensfun package helper scripts.

Sorry about the Ubuntu script specific comment. I’m getting lost among all the web/internet GitHub links/menus, as well as the misinformation within the forums.

What misinformation?

If you’re having problems with the lensfun package in your distribution, you should contact that distribution’s packager. lensfun-update-data works on many distributions.

The profiles are not backported, they’re generated from source files. This is a convience to the user, so that there is no need to rebuild the package the source package to get updated lens profiles.

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I read paperdigits’s reply, and can re-clarify each point, but where are you going with your post?

We already know all this, as (we) read/scanned the code.

We need to correct any information.

You made several misstatements in this thread already, so it is t clear to me that you understand what the code does and what are the apparently interesting choices of your distributions.

You’re leading off-topic.

Further investigation of things you have said is leading off topic? OK… Please don’t speak so loosely in the future.


Quit attempting to defame myself or others. You are entirely off-topic.

If by “defame” you mean try and figure out what you meant by your own statement:

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What the heck are you talking about? This is just further innuendo.

Go pick a fight with one of your California cops. … And feel free to let us know what happens and how it all turns-out.

Why dodge the question a bunch of times.

You said there is misinformation here. I want to correct it since I provide many of the answers concerning lensfun here, but all you want to do is act like your shit doesn’t stink and dodge the question. It’s quite childish. Either own your misspeak or clarify what you meant.

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"You said there is misinformation here. "


To reiterate, which requires another 15-30 minutes of my time and not being paid for it, I stated I likely found “misinformation on a public forum” and ran with it. Get your facts straight and get a life rather than stalking this and possibly other forums. If you want to hunt-down a random individual posting something on a (random) public forum and cite them for misinformation or try to make corrections on a public forum, possibly of which might have been correct at that date/time, stay the heck away from me… unless the matter is criminal in nature and you have a badge! Neither of which is likely, other than your continuing harassment and defamation tactics.

Again, go away, I have work to do … as I’m wanted in life. :wink:

(You’re full of bull crap on your corrected/updated recent reply. If it were all you wanted to do, this thread would not have not spiraled as it has. And if anybody wonders, no, I’m not going to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Funny, you still keep apparently updating your last post.)