Deep Styled a woman that doesn't exist.

Details at this render’s Flickr. :slight_smile:

Abstraction certainly takes away the uncanny; at least it is less so. Still a bit strange.

The eclectic is an acquired taste, afre. Years of madness make it taste good too. lol


The style is fine, just the woman who doesn’t exist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering why there are two pale green areas on an otherwise black & white image?!
Hopefully DeepStyle (or whatever) hasn’t been trained on people with bruises… :anguished:

It’s the way the rendering engine works, RC. See link below for the original output. I could have completely desaturated the image, but I left it pretty much as is (call me lazy; lol). :slight_smile:

OK; a more painterly result this time (again thanks to Deep Style and more than few G’MIC enhancements). The actual output can be seen here. :slight_smile: