default output from RawTherapee and rawtherapee-cli differ substantially

hello, i am new to this forum. can somebody explain to me why the default output from RawTherapee differs substantially from the one with rawtherapee-cli ? i convert Leica M10-D DNG files to TIFF or JPEG and each time the RT result looks different and much more pleasing, to my eyes at least, than the file generated with RT-cli. needless to say, that i don’t do manual adjustments, i just leave all settings as loaded, at default settings in other words. thank you in advance.

Answer from someone who does not know: compare the two .pp3 files, which can be opened in any text editor, particularly the settings for color spaces.

good idea, RTCharles. the problem is that RT-cli does not create a pp3 file, at least in the way i use it :

rawtherapee-cli -q -o outfile.tif -c infile.dng

do i do something wrong ? my box is a Slackware Linux.

What if you specify the pp3 for your input file?

welcome @pistikem
With your command line, I think the neutral profile is used by rawtherapee-cli.exe.
So, when you open your same file with rawtherapee.exe, don’t forget to specify neutral profile as either a pp3 sidecar file already exists, or the default pp3 is used.

If you need some more information, don’t hesitate to read