Deleted RAW file after processing


I processed an image and converted it as a 16 bit tif file with no problem. I went directly back to the image, made a few more edits, sent it to the queue and when I hit the start button I received a message saying it could’t convert the file,

I checked the file folder where the raw image was located and it’s gone. The tif file and the sidecar file are there. Yes, I have back ups for the raw file. I have converted other raw files so I don’t know this is a one off or of there is a setting in preferences that I unknowingly changed.

Ideas? Suggestions?


Greg J

RawTherapee Dev 5.88-3049-gd053f_w64_Znevr2-210919

Hello, there’s no option in RT to delete the raw file after processing. I suppose you didn’t send that file to trash and empied the trash afterwards? Then that message “couldn’t convert the file”, I’ve never seen that. Perhaps a disk problem? I suggest to copy the raw from your backup to the same location (folder) as the deleted raw, and to another folder and process them both. Is the raw in the original location deleted again? And the raw in that other folder?

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the suggestions. I was going to restore the raw file. Your idea of copying it to a second location and edit ing that one is excellent. I will that later today.


Greg J

Like Paul said, there is no automatic deletion option in RawTherapee that I am aware of. Indeed, this is also the first time I hear about such an issue.
If you manage to consistently reproduce the issue, please file a bug report on GitHub.

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