Delicate drops with dt and gimp

My Revuenon 55mm f1.2 had been lying around for some time now as had an old set of Jessops macro tubes. This is just a budding flower in a pot on the garden table which caught my eye this morning, I had photographed similar scenes in the past with the Tamron 90mm macro with tack-sharp results of course. Here, I used the soft glow most of these vintage lenses seem to have wide open at f1.2 for atmosphere, rather than detail.

Shot in raw (PEF) and converted with darktable, applied filmic, haze removal and vibrance.

The only few edits I did in Gimp afterwards were a slight crop (5605x3737 out of 6000x4000 pixels) to improve composition, a minor tweak to the levels (brought both ends in slightly) and a highpass filter to enhance microcontrast.


This is nice and soothing. I feel cleaner looking at it :slight_smile: nice job.