Denoise profile for Nikon Z9

Going by Bill’s measurements, it seems just slightly worse up to ISO 400. TBH, there isn’t much difference in dynamic range when you compare across major vendors’ FF flagships (w/ a caveat that Canon is employing some baked-in noise reduction though).

I have the D810.
I’m hoping to go shooting with the Z9 this lunchtime (if I have time). I suspect noise will be similar to the D810 (newer, but greater pixel density). Hope to be proved wrong, pleasantly.

@kmilos I’m not keen on doing the white balance presets. Done properly - it will take forever. Are the white balance presets of any use in darktable now - with the colour calibration module, the WB is normally set to camera reference (normally D65).

Can you submit a pull request?

@kmilos Well, I did the full WB presets anyway:


What’s the status of these PRs? I just did a git pull in master and noted various wb files had been updated, but didn’t see an update for cameras.xml