Desaturate Lab L channel still in colour

Hi, I am working my way through the tutorials on the Blog site.

les@les-N56VZ ~ $ photoflow --version
this is photoflow 0.2.8

I am trying to follow along with Black and white conversion in Photoflow from Friday, November 28, 2014,
When I create a new desaturate layer, all the methods from the selection picker work, except the Lab L channel, as per this screenshot.

There is a limitation in the “L channel” conversion mode: the input image needs to have an associated ICC profile. The specific image from flickr that you are been using for your test does not have any embedded profile, and therefore the conversion to Lab colorspace cannot be done.

I need to modify the code so that it will assume sRGB in case no profile data is found, meanwhile I suggest you to test with a RAW file to see what happens…

Thanks for reporting the problem!

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Ah, right, thanks for looking.

Yes, I tested with RAW files, and the Lab L channel works as described.

Thanks again.


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