Did I change a setting by accident? soft focus

My digikam images are poorly focusing. In order to see if they are properly focused, I have to open them up in the image editor, but before that they are pretty bad. Any idea how to fix this? I’ve attached screenshots of the same image, one in the main page of digikam, and one in the digikam image editor.
Using Windows 10. Didn’t notice this until the conversion to 7.6. Then downgraded back to 7.3 and still have same issue.
Tried embedded jpeg as well as actual file with no change. These are on Sony Raw “ARW” files.

Thank you.

Sorry that I cannot offer any suggestions on how to resolve your situation.
I will say this, it has been my experience that, when a new version creates a new problem, the new problem always seems to remain when I revert back to an earlier version; I don’t know why, it just does.
Someone a lot more knowledgeable that myself will be along to address your issue.
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That question has been answered elsewhere. Short version from memory: his camera only stores small preview images in the raw file. So previews get enlarged, which leads to blur.

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