Difference in zooming between LT and DR

I often use zooming in Lighttable’s culling mode to check sharpness and to sort out the keepers after a shoot. I noticed a difference in how Lighttable and Darkroom zoom (LT: F or Ctrl+mouse wheel, DR: mouse wheel). LT when zoomed to 100% according to the overlay (mouse pointer over the image) seems to zoom to something between 400 and 800% in DR. The same happens when hitting F. In DR zoomed at 100%, one image pixel seems to correspond to 1 screen pixel (compared to other software, e.g. XnView MP). 15% zooming in LT seems to correspond to about 100% in DR.

Also, zooming in LT seems always to start with a fixed top left image corner, independent of where you place your mouse pointer on the image, until you move the image around. This means, when hitting F, you see an about 600% zoom of you left top corner and you first have to pull the area of interest of your image onto the screen. That can be quite a lot of strokes at this zoom level. DR seems to take your mouse pointer as the center point for zooming.

This is on Win10, DT 3.2.1.

Anybody else observed this behavior? Is it by design or only W10?



By the way, when selecting images, I would find it very handy to have the Raw Over Exposure feature in LT as well. But this is another topic.

By design if lighttable shows a preview image.

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Hm, do you know what the reasoning was behind this design?

Yes, it’s “just” a bug in 3.2.1 :smile: but already fixed in master

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Oh, I forgot because I don’t use master.