Different flow for current working sequence in 0.9.12, 0.99.6?

I was using an older version of Siril on my Mac loaded via home-brew and recently did an upgrade to 0.99.6. Now things seem to work differently in selecting working sequence and saved file name and I’m confused how to do it right. I have sets of flat dark and flats that I want to stack. I’ve previously used conversion to create the sequences for the different sets of flat darks and flats. I do the following steps:

  1. Sequence tab
    a) Search for sequence and select it
    b) Click on “Go to the stacking tab”
  2. Stacking tab
    a) Save in: shows “stack_result.fit” instead of the sequence name.

Current working sequence says -none-. How to I get the current working sequence to be the sequence I selected above and how do I get the names to populate in the Save In slot?


Hi, it’s supposed to work the same way, I don’t understand why it doesn’t show the name of the sequence if you have selected it after the search. Can you look at the console tab if there is an error message? Whay kind of sequence is it, a sequence of FITS files?

Thank you Vincent. I checked the console as you suggested and realized what happened. I thought the conversion process put copies of the original fits files in the Siril work directory and I had moved the originals after the conversion but before trying the stacking operation. I see that Siril was smarter and actually created links to the original files instead of copying them and when I moved the originals, I broke the links so Siril couldn’t load the sequence properly.

I just now rebuilt all the sequences and it works as expected now.

Thanks for pointing me in right direction!


Hello, you also can uncheck the symlink button if you prefer.