digiKam 5.7.0 is released

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digiKam 5.7.0 is released

Following the release of 5.6.0 published in June, the digiKam team is proud to announce the new release 5.7.0 of the digiKam Software Collection. In this version a lot of work has happened behind the scenes and in fixing bugs, which does not mean there is no enhancements: A new tool to create print layouts has been introduces, albums can now be exported by mail, support for Hugin 2017 was added and GPS traces are saveable as KML.

Bugs Triage

Gilles Caulier updated the bugs categories and went through all of them to reassign them to the correct category and find no longer valid or duplicate bugs. The immediate result of this is an enourmous list of resolved issues in this release. However this is not the main benefit: The change makes it both easier for issue reporters to find an appropriate category as well as for developers to get an overview and find issues relevant to specific parts of the code.

Print Creator

This wizard allows you to print multiple images in various configurations. If the aspect ratio does not fit the printing format, you can choose which part of the image to crop (if at all). The result can be sent directly to a printer, to GIMP or to a file. The tool is available in all modes: Main view, light table, editor and showFoto through the tools menu. In the main view it is also accessible in the right sidebar in the tools tab.

Send by Mail

The long awaited tool to send pictures by email is here. You can set an upper limit to the email size, convert images on the fly and remove all metadata from the files. The supported email clients are visible on the screenshot above. As the Print Creator, this tool is accessible throughout the program.

Google Summer of Code 2017 Students

The time of the four students working on digiKam has ended officially. They have handed in their final report, but it will hopefully not be their final contribution. Their have made real progress for digiKam and we hope they will continue helping making this software better. You can find a description and their final report on the official GSoC project page. We want to thank Yingjie Liu, Swati Lodha, Shaza Ismail Kaoud and Ahmed Fathy for their contributions!

Final Words

We already started to incorporate the astonishing work of our Goolge Summer of Code participants. It will take some time to get it to work as we want and put on the polish - things look promising for the next major release to version 6. The next minor release 5.8.0 will follow towards November.

As always, but especially noteworthy this time, you can look at the list of 505 resolved issues for detailed information.

digiKam 5.7.0 Software collection source code tarball, Linux 32/64 bits AppImage bundles, MacOS package, and Windows 32/64 bits installers can be downloaded from this repository.

Happy digiKaming while capturing lovely autumn colours!

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(Eric Mesa) #2

Hugin support was mentioned in the opening paragraph, but not in its own paragraph. So what does this feature do?

(Simon Frei) #3

it wasn’t mentioned any further because it is not a big deal: Creating panoramas with Hugin is possible since quite some time. However in the 2017 release of Hugin their tools have changed, so our panorama tool did not work anymore. Now the tools is again compatible with the new version of Hugin.

(Mica) #4

Congrats team!

(Pat David) #5

Woohoo! Congratulations digiKam team!

(Mike Bing) #6

Super excited to see so much progress. Put in my double donation today as I seem to have skipped it last year. Absolutely superb software and very essential to my workflow!


Wow! I actually went through the list of fixed bugs and it looks very very impressive! Great release! Congrats to the team!

(Lacroix Pascal) #8

Hats off Digikam team!

5.7 release working fine with Mysql and à collection of about 45 000 photos ( under Linux Mint )

First attempt miigrating from Sqllite to Mysql was a little bit problematic :

  • Desabling Apparmor profile for Mariadb fixed the first error.
  • A strange SQL syntax error manualy fixed; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘rows INTEGER,\n cols INTEGER,\n ’ at line 7” 1064 2

I’am not realy able to explain, but I was trying to fixe manualy this SQL syntaxe complaining before beiing able to start Digikam

Now, facedb is not working, but Mysql is experimental …

Bravo !!!

(Bruno Damasceno) #9

I have just noticed that two dll files got a huge size increase from previous version:

  • libdigikamcore.dll: 18,6MB -> 354MB
  • libdigikamgui.dll: 12,8MB -> 294MB

I don´t know if this already happened on older releases.
Does anybody know if this is normal?

(Simon Frei) #10

That is probably due to debugging symbols, which blow up the size a lot. They should be in all release, but apparently weren’t in the one you previously used.

(Bruno Damasceno) #11

Hi rasimo.

I tried pestudio at first but it only seems to support the MS standard with pdb side file. Thanks to your input I researched a little more and discovered that mingw-gcc uses DWARF debugging data format that generates debugging information in the executable file.

Also, it was interesting to find that the new DWARF 5 format allows separation of debugging data from executable files and that gcc 7 supports it through the -gdwarf-5 option (ref: http://dwarfstd.org/DWARF5PressRelease.php and https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-7/changes.html).

(Ritesh Raj Sarraf) #12

Hello Giles,

Thanks for the 5.7.0 release. I’ve started using the AppImage build. But the 5.7.0 build lacks the Desktop Integration prompt. Is it deliberate ?


The appimage desktop integration was been disabled while bundle construction because the appimage script call system based dialog that crash violently with new Linux distro. It’s definitively an AppImage sdk problem, as we don’t touch this desktop integration script…

(Karl-Wilhelm Frommeyer) #14

I want to say “thank you” to the whole digikam team. I enjoyed digikam nearly every day this year. I’m not a professional but digikam has to organize some 120’000 picture files for me and does it astonishing and reliable. Though I’m using an old version of my distro the appimage helps me to use the latest release of digikam. Thanks and good luck for all further plans and improvements!