digiKam 7.0.0-rc is released

Sun Jun 14, 2020

digiKam 7.0.0-rc is released

by digiKam Team

Dear digiKam fans and users,

Just few words to inform the community that 7.0.0 release candidate is out and ready to test two month later the third beta release published in April.

After a Covid-19 containement stage at home, this new version come with more than 740 bug-fixes since last stable release 6.4.0 and look very promising. We are in finalisation stage now to be ready to publish the 7.0.0 final final release while this summer.

A good new is the availablity of digiKam in official FlatPak repositories to help end user to install the application under compatible Linux systems.

Thanks to all users for your support and donations, and to all contributors, students, testers who allowed us to improve this release.

digiKam 7.0.0 source code tarball, Linux 32/64 bits AppImage bundles, MacOS package and Windows 32/64 bits installers can be downloaded from this repository. Don’t forget to not use this beta in production yet and thanks in advance for your feedback in Bugzilla.

Rendez-vous in few weeks for the final release.

Thanks in advance for your help and take a care…

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Thanks for the new release. I keep waiting for new releases of Digikam to show up.

About the flatpak support, the flathub repo still shows beta3 as the current version.

$ flatpak search digikam
Name           Description                    Application ID        Version           Branch       Remotes
digiKam        Photo Management Program       org.kde.digikam       7.0.0-beta3       master       kdeapps
digiKam        Photo Management Program       org.kde.digikam       7.0.0-beta3       stable       flathub
13:52 ♒ ॐ ♅ ⛢  ☺ 😄

FlatHub configuration is not yet updated. It must be reported to


Bravo and thanks!

BTW, is there anyway to sign up for new release announcement?


Very good, thank you please keep up the good job. I love your app.

Thumbnails and Preview opens in the same window space up and down, effectively wasting the space.

Can it be side by side, ideal will be

Thumbnails view is a movable box. Just drag it on the right side of the preview area, and that all…

I just tried, I couldn’t drag to the left of the preview. DK 6.4.0 appimage.

Where’s the handle? When I try to grab something on the upper portion of the preview/thumbnails, DK only switch to that image.