Digikam 7.0.0-rc & Krita / Thumbnail


With Digikam (7.0.0-rc), I have some files created with Krita (4.2.9 & 4.3.0), where I don’t see the thumbnail and image too (Failed to load image).
I have (38) Krita files, (34) where I can see the thumbnail and image, and (4) where I have the problem.
I don’t know if the problem is from Digikam or Krita.

With Digikam, I did maintenance (Rebuild Thumbnails), and on Krita, I save with another name, but the problem still there.

I used Windows 10, and on it, I can see the thumbnail of all of my files.

Do you have an idea to fix this problem?

Thank you and best regards,


The problem comes from Krita 2.3.0, because when saving the (4) files with Krita 2.2.9, I see the thumbnails and images on Digikam 7.0.0-rc.

Thank you