digikam 7.3 Install

I currently run digikam 7.2 on windows 8.1. I would like to install 7.3 and when I go to install it advises that I back up data files before installing 7.3.
Can you tell me what file names I should be looking for and where I will find them to be backed up? After they are backed up, do I copy and paste them into the same new 7.3 directory?
Thank you

Under Windows you should find the application related config and database (if not using a database like mariadb) files at %appdata% or %localappdata%. You typically copy the files to have a roll-back possibility in case something is odd in the latest release. so normal way to proceed: do a backup, update, and just in case rollback (uninstall 7.3, reinstall 7.2 and restore the backed up configuration files then start 7.2).

Are the files you mentioned, appdata and localappdata the files I should be looking for to back up? If so, where are these files found? When you say Windows I understand that of course, I go to the Windows directory, but then you say “you should find the application related config and database”.
Can you please clarify?
Thank you

Sorry for being perhaps a little too unclear :slight_smile:, I meant the folder %localappdata%, so just type %localappdata% in your Windows Explorer address field and hit ENTER. Then you will find yourself in the right directory. There you will see several digikam* files (digikamrc, etc.) and klanguageoverridesrc (just if you changed the GUI language). These files need to be backed up, since they hold the crucial application settings.

There is also a folder “digikam”, but this is only cache as far as I can see. In %appdata% you will also find a “digikam” folder, but this just holds the face engine data, which is loaded during first start after installation.

Since I’m using a mariadb database running on a different host, I can’t tell you, where the database file is located if you are running a local database (I just mention this with respect to also backing it up, since all your album data are stored in this database and the internal database structure typically changes with a new digikam version - and using a higher db version in a lower digikam version won’t work). Perhaps in digikamrc the entry for “Internal Database Server Path=” will point you to the right direction, I could imagine.

Got it.
I’ll look at that later and let you know how I make out.
Thank You

I use Firefox not Windows Explorer. When I type localappdata in the address field, all that comes up are web sites either explaining what the folder is or how to find it. Nothing else. It doesn’t direct me to any folders on my computer.

You need to use the file manager, called windows explorer, to access your files. A web browser will not do it. You can open the file manager by holding the Windows key and pressing the letter E.

Yes that’s what I thought and I tried that as well. The only reason I went to Firefox was because the above said Windows Explorer which as we know is a web browser. When I type in localappdata in file manager address bar, it takes me to my web browser and no files or directories appear. I even tried typing without the percentage signs and still no luck. I am using Windows 8.1
Any other suggestion how I find what I’m supposed to back up?

Is getting to file manager different by holding the Windows key and pressing the letter E as opposed to just going to the file manager from the desktop?
I only went to my file manager via the desktop.
Thank you

The appdata folder is often hidden. You may need to turn on the option show hidden items in windows explorer under view.
Then it is in
C:\users\your name

No, Windows Explorer is the name of the file manager. Internet Explorer is the name of the web browser.

My mistake,thank you for clarifying. Anyway, still did not work when I typed in localappdata into the Windows Explorer, and file are not hidden.

It c:\Users\yourname\appdata\local…you find some files there…not sure as I don’t have digikam on my pc. I did install it once and noticed some files in a strange place…I cant recall the location…

I will try what you are showing above and hopefully that will work.
Thank you

I do have a question though. I have the files unhidden. You are showing appdata. Previous replies show localappdata. Which should I use “appdata” or localappdata

Thank you

I think you were getting a reference to an environment variable…this is something used by apps to tell them where your Appdata folder is…the path to where the files could be is what I told you …

I don’t know why my last reply did not come out right. Let me try this again:
I have the files unhidden. You are showing appdata. Previous replies show localappdata.
Which should I use in the address bar?

Thank you

Got it.
I’ll give that I try and let you know how it works out.
Thank You

I think I have it. I went to c:\users\myname\appdata\local. At the bottom there are 2 files. digikam_systemrc and digikamrc. They are the only 2 files named digikam. There is also showfotorc. Are these the 2 or 3 files I need to backup before installing 7.3?