digikam 7.3 - Scanning photo collection - slow


I find the process of scanning photo collection very slow. Not sure if this is a digikam issue or NAS/network issue. I see that digikam only use 10% or less cpu, but that might be just because NAS/network cannot serve it any faster. Is digikam restricted on how many cores it can utilize for this? I am using Windows version 7.3 and the built-in database which I believe is SQLite.

Is digikam slow or is it most probably my setup?


It is likely your network/NAS.

Maik pushed some improvements regarding accessing NAS, so you may be interested in this issue at KdeOrg
and see if the version you are running already includes the implemented changes. I think Mike will be happy to get some feedback, if speed is higher now. I unfortunately currently have no time to check this on my sideā€¦