digiKam album/folder color tagging

One feature I really liked in Lightroom was ability to assign colors to folders. I used them to color code which folders had completed edits/exports, which were partially edited, which contained unedited raw photos etc. Without opening each folder, I could quickly identify which folders contained finished or unfinished photos.

I can’t see a way of doing this in digiKam. Easy to color label individual photos, but I’d really like to create distinct visual labels for the folder list under Albums. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately there’s nothing visible or particularly easily accessible that I know of. There are album categories settable in album properties, which are described in the docs like this (https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/extragear-graphics/digikam/using-digikam.html#using-mainwindow-albumsview):

The Album Category : this is a way of grouping your Albums together by a common label. The Category you set will be used to order your albums when you select By Category from the drop down box in the tool bar or using View → Sort Albums → By Category. If you want to add and delete Category labels, choose from the menu Settings → Configure digiKam… and here the Album Category section.

Thanks, I thought about using Categories sorting as a work-around. My other work-around was to create 5 small coloured rectangle jpgs - each is 1kb in size so not big. I named them starting with a Z then the purpose of each colour. After I import images to a folder, I add the appropriate file and make it the folder thumbnail that signals no work done yet. When I work a bit on it I swap in the right colour, when done and exported, swap again.

I’m not sure how a feature is requested, something I’d like to submit. Here is a snip of what it looks like: