digiKam getting almost stuck when searching for new objects

Just as stated in the topic, sometimes when running a check for new objects DK gets almost stuck at a certain point (usually around 70%) and from there it moves forward at a pace of like 1% per 30 minutes. If it helps, I’m running 6.4.0 on Win7, keeping part of the photos on my local hard drive, part on an external USB drive and part (the exports) in a shared network folder on another machine.

Has anyone here encountered similar behavior? Have you solved it? How? I’m all ears.

I think that happens mostly because you have collections located on a network share. I have one too (a large one actually) and I usually start up digiKam 10-15 minutes prior to when I actually need it to let it rescan the Collections. I am pretty sure you can turn this rescan on startup off in the settings. I don’t want to do it myself though because I access my collection from two different machines and I want to make sure my database is as up to date as possible to prevent any data loss.

Thanks for the tip! I was having some suspicions about that, too…

I haven’t found the “rescan on startup on/off” switch, though. The only one that looks relevant is “monitor collections for external changes”, and pressing F5 each time I export a batch of photos is not much more convenient than what I am dealing with now.

Oh well… Looks like I’ll be interfacing with the shared exports via Explorer for the time being.

UPD: Yes! Removing the network collection did the trick. Thankfully, it’s just a picture dump for the end users - for such one-way communication Explorer will suffice.