digiKam - Ideas to improve usability of metadata sidebar

Hello digiKam users,

Jens came up with a pretty good idea on how to improve digiKam’s right panel.
Here is the file in bugzilla:


I find myself switching between different tabs all the time so I would definitely take advantage of having this summarized quick access tab instead.

If you use digiKam and like the suggested feature please vote for it.

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I’m new in Digikam but I find the tool very interesting. From the DAM standpoint I love the tag management (even if I have some idea to complete it).
About metadata, I’ve probably not understood everything. But:

  1. I agree with the Andrius’ suggestion to have all (selected by configuration) information in the same place, except Tags which needs a special interface to manage the tree.
  2. Related to this, I think we could have a better alignment (or understanding for me :slight_smile: ) between:
  • Data displayed to the user
  • Data entered by the user
  • Data stored in database
  • Data written (or not) into the files, on demand or automatically (I’ve not found the way not write anything automatically for example)
  • Data read from file

From my standpoint Informations and Metadata are all the same. But it seems that Digikam maintains a difference (if I understand correctly) and I haven’t found the way (yet) to make the bridge between them.

FYI: we do our best to provide support here, but the digikam developers are not present here, you need to send your feedback to the mailing list or add it to bugzilla.