Digikam & Rawtherapee

Is anybody using Digikam as the DAM front-end for Rawtherapee?

What’s your setup? Tags settings/XMP settings…



What’s your question?

I should have been more clear (and have my coffee before asking the question. I just did my coffee and was waiting for it to cool down…)

  1. What are the settings in digikam to make it compatible (tags/keywords/iptc…) with rawtherapee.
  2. What are the settings in Rawtherapee to make it compatible (tags/keywords/iptc…) with digikam.

In case you say: “Why don’t you ask on digikam”, I did, no taker. Only 1 person responded with “use DarkTable” and that it’s mostly compatible.



Unfortunately they are not compatible in either direction.

Use digiKam for digital asset management, use RawTherapee for development.

You might want to add the -R option to your “Open with RawTherapee” shortcut/.desktop file, see

Well, there is some compatibility: I am using Iptc keywords in RT. And afterwards I see these keywords in Digikam - but for the converted photos only. Which makes sense because for the original photos, RT does not change them in any way, only the RT sidecar files have the keywords and Digikam does not know about these files.

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Why doesn’t RawTherapee reliably write the keywords to the developed files?

My approach: Manjaro and RT 5.8:

I write the keywords with digikam into the DNG . When developing with RT I click: Metadata copy mode: Apply modifications. But they are copied differently correctly:

In the Tiff only 4, 5 or 6 are written.
In the Jpeg all 25 are written.
In the PNG not a single one.

What can be the reason for this?

Interesting, for me it copies nothing because I write tags to xmp. Didn’t consider writing tags to dng. I’m not sure im willing to risk the raw files, my dng’s are sooc but I now have an option. Rawtherapees meta data handling is a pita.

I think there are known bugs with TIFF tagging.

Hello @nosle,
I shoot with Panasoic, which does rw2 raws. You could also write keywords into them, but that is supposed to be quite dangerous, it could destroy the raws. I convert them with Adobe DNG Converter (available in AUR → Wine). Now I can finally write keywords into this DNG, presumably safely.
And: Darktabel also writes them into the TIFF or PNG without any problems - only now I don’t feel like switching from the wonderful RT. I’d rather accept the export as Jpeg (100%).

now I see that the
writes the keywords into the TIFF. I really hope that the stable version of RT will be able to do this soon.
Does anyone know when this will be released?

Not yet. However, the dev version is stable enough … at least for me …

since some time I can’t start this appImage anymore - I suspect a Manjaro Linux update. Is there something known?

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about Linux yet to understand why the RT-AppImage doesn’t run anymore. Could be that this is true?

“Ich habe mir das AppImage mal angesehen. Das Problem ist, dass in dem AppImage ein Script läuft das nach neueren System Bibliotheken sucht und diese dann anstatt der im AppImage mit gelieferten Bibliotheken verwendet. Somit machen AppImages natürlich nicht viel Sinn.”
“I have had a look at the AppImage. The problem is that in the AppImage runs a script that searches for newer system libraries and then uses these instead of the libraries supplied in the AppImage.
So of course AppImages don’t make much sense.”