digiKam Recipes 19.11.09

Sat Nov 9, 2019

digiKam Recipes 19.11.09

by Dmitri Popov

Another month, another revision of the digiKam Recipes book. This version brings the following new content:

  • The How digiKam works chapter provides an overview of digiKam’s achitecture
  • The Export and import keyboard shortcuts scheme section explains how to export and import customized keyboard shortcuts profiles.

All digiKam Recipes readers will receive the updated version of the book automatically and free of charge. The digiKam Recipes book is available from Google Play Store and Gumroad.

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I love the book. I bought it via Amazon Kindle, but it seems it hasn’t been an update since 2018. Will this update be also available on Amazon Kindle version of the book or has Amazon been discontinued? Thanks.


@koso: I have bought both of Dmitri Popov’s e-books on Amazon and I encountered the same issue as you. Every time there was an updated version of the e-book(s) available I did not get it sent automatically to my Kindle. So I had to write an e-mail to Amazon support and they sent the updated version(s) manually.

@sonmed: thanks for a tip, I wrote to Amazon support and they updated my version.