digiKam tags missing in ART

I was using RawTherapee 5.8 for processing and digiKam for cataloging my images. I used to copy my RAW (ARW and PEF) images with the corresponding xmp files to a directory to be processed by RT. Though I could see the tags in digiKam and also in the xmp files, they would be missing in RT.

Couple of days back I started using ART 1.10 on my Windows 11 missing. I was happy to note that ART could read the digiKam tags from the xmp files. Unfortunately, it reads only one tag at random and the others are not read. Also, the date create will include only the year and the month, the day will be missing, i.e for an image created on 2021-01-01, ART shows the date as 2021-01-.

Reading all the tags created in digiKam is critical for me. Is this a bug or I need to some changes in the setup? Any workaround?


Sounds like. If you can share a raw and xmp I’ll take a look.

I have uploaded the following files to Dropbox:

A7 II - 0,00,320.ARW - The original RAW file
A7 II - 0,00,320.xmp - The xmp file generated by digiKam
ART.jpg - Screenshot from ART with the missing information pointed out
digiKam.jpg - Screenshot from digiKam showing all information

Let me know if you need more information. Hopefully this issue gets sorted out quickly.

Dropbox link: Dropbox - ART - Simplify your life

@agriggio Could you reproduce the issue? Is it a confirmed bug?

Patience, my friend :slight_smile:
I’ll let you know when I have the time to take a closer look.

In the meantime, if you set “metadata synchronisation” to read-only in preferences, art will not mess with your xmp, so the tags won’t be touched even if they are not displayed correctly. (In general, setting the option to read-only is recommended if you are using an external app to manage your metadata.)

No hurry :blush: I guess the option you mentioned is already set to read only. I guess that’s the default.

should work now in the latest master

Wow. Great. Is this the file I should be downloading? ART_master_1.8.2-224-g0f682e0d3_W64_generic_211108.7z? Or something else?

ping @gaaned92

Have pinged gaaned92 few days back. Haven’t got any response from him.

Sorry, I just come back today from a stay in south of France.
Before leaving, I was no longer able to make a working build!
I have to try again and will report. @agriggio Surely I will need some help from you.

Here’s a windows build of the current master:


@agriggio, @gaaned92 Thanks for the updated version. Downloaded it. Couple of observations as follows:

  1. ART correctly reads the tags!
  2. When I open the file in GIMP, and check Image|Metadata|Edit Metadata, I see multiple copies of the tags. You can check with the same test file I uploaded earlier.
  3. When I export the file as a tiff file from GIMP, GIMP combines all the tags into a single tag separated by commas.
  4. This can be verified when I open the file in digiKam and check the tag values.

I don’t know whether this is a GIMP problem or an ART problem. Thought will let you know. Any help in sorting out this will be great. Essentially, I am trying to create a workflow where the tags are seamlessly passed from digiKam to ART to GIMP and back to digiKam.

Sending you the screenshots
ART 02 .jpg - Screenshot from ART showing tags read correctly
digiKam 02.jpg - Screenshot showing tags combined by GIMP as one tag

Dropbox link: Dropbox - ART - Simplify your life

the tags occur multiple times in the xmp file you shared, listed under different xmp namespaces. When using exiv2 to import them to IPTC keywords, they get duplicated. ART filters out the duplicates, I suspect GIMP behaves similarly to exiv2. On any case, if you set ART metadata synchronization to read-only, ART should not mess with your tags ever…

I have set GIMP as an external editor in ART. What format is passed to GIMP from ART? Is it tiff or jpg? Also, if ART filters out the extra tags, where does GIMP get this information? I have set the metadata synchronization to read only. I would like GIMP to read the tags correctly.

ART doesn’t display duplicate tags, but if there are duplicates, they get copied to the output. I will see if I can change the behaviour.

I thought as much. it will be great if you can suppress the duplicate tags in the output file. Is the output file in the tiff format?

Now I need to figure out how to prevent GIMP from merging all the tags in one tag :unamused:

New version (what will probably become 1.11):


Thanks for the update. Did a quick test. The tags are not repeated multiple times now. However, for some strange reason I see a tag containing all the tags in GIMP! The tags are separated by comma. Don’t know whether it’s a GIMP problem or something can be done in ART to prevent this. Again uploading a screenshot ( ART03.jpg) to Dropbox for your information.

did you check with exiftool and/or exiv2?
If yes, and if their output is suspicious, then I’ll have a look. Otherwise, I’d consider this a GIMP issue.