digiKam themes not switching

I’ve tried changing the theme in digiKam using the settings>theme chooser, but my changes are not applied. I’m using a Manjaro/Gnome DE, so I have to assume
dK is using a different engine for theming. I can use the Qt5 settings tool provided with the disto to effect changes in dK, but before I do, I’d like to know if these changes ONLY affect KDE styled apps? Anyone know?

Yes, digikam is QT, so themes should be plasma themes.

Thanks, since I’m in a Gnome environment, am I fairly safe assuming that the QT5 settings tool will only affect the apps that use KDE theming?

Found a program called KVANTUM, which let me change the theme of the digiKam application only to a grey, which seems to have helped. The theme manager in digiKam is still set to default.

Yes, kvantium is a plasma theme.

Blew up my digiKam, tossed the digiKamrc and am setting it up again.