Digikam with Network shares on Win10

So, I’ve been playing around a bit with collections.

I’ve got all my photos on a Synology NAS which I map to a drive (Y:) under Windows.

If I add a “Local Collection” and navigate to the mapped drive, Digikam will find everything just fine.

If I add a “Collection on Network Share”, Digikam comes up empty. Nada, bupkis…

Any idea why?

The network share option tries to connect directly to the share using sftp or smb. If you already have it mounted, then digikam sees it as local.

Okie dokie. So definitely not a Windows thing then as I definitely am not able to access via the IP address of the NAS.

Have you tried entering a URI for smb, such as smb://

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I have an SMB share mapped as a drive and added it to digiKam as a network collection. Everything works. Windows 10. I suggest you run Debug View in parallel and see what it is spots out after you add a network collection