Disappointment with 4.0.1 partial support for OM Systems OM-1

I was thrilled to learn that 4.0.1 was out! I downloaded the 64bit Windows version and installed it over my previously installed 4.0 (a special build supporting the OM Systems OM-1). When I ran it, initially I saw lots of thumbnails. But as I scrolled to more images from last month, I saw more and more skulls!

I cannot understand why. The image data from the skulls looks the same as for the images with thumbnails. Same camera, same lens. These are not high res images vs. normal res images.

Seems like once supported, they should all be processed equally.

Can anyone explain this?

Darktable uses rawspeed. Rawspeed has a PR to add support for OM1 but the last commit from the developer is 04Jun.

Some users are using the PR to create a darktable version that works with OM1. Not ideal, but until the PR is merged, it is a way around this upstream issue.

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Because as always, software like darktable are done by people on their free time. It’s not a commercial software with paid people. You can’t ask for same things so. Thus, nobody is forced to buy last cameras… And here, as @g-man says, that’s rawspeed that had not been updated. Unfortunately, there’s only one person able to merge on rawspeed and he’s actually quite busy, as far as I know, to rewrite rawspeed.

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Om1 support still isn’t in Darktable (afaik). Your custom built was made with a special version of the rawibraru behind darktable, with om1 support.

So the new 4.01 has no om1 support only your custom build has.

Now, why it looks weird with the thumbnails, is be aise those are cached. So pictures you opened with your custom build , have a thumbnail. But new images opened and viewed with official 4.01 will show skulls .

If I’m right , it means that with 4.01 you still can’t open om1 images , even the older ones you opened before.

You need to do another custom build , with the rawspeed version with the om1 branch included .

I installed 4.01 and also noticed that OM-1 is not supported. I uninstalled and installed version 4.0 OM-1 again. I am just a naive user and don’t know anything about building whatever version myself and hope that an updated 4.01 OM-1 version becomes available or - even better - that OM-1 will be supported some day in the regular versions.