Display menu getting truncated

I’m having an issue where the menus are not fully displaying.

Each of the popout menus are heavily truncated. In the example below, I’ve clicked on Styles. However, only the first Style (Dark Tones) is listed. The popout on that only lists the first style (60’s mood).


Styles button selected

Full list of Styles from the panel in lighttable on the right:


These have been categorized using the Folder|Style (i.e. Dark Tones | 60s mood) naming convention. However, changing the names back to not having folders didn’t help.

Currently on a Mac running 13.5.2 (ARM),

Darktable version: 4.4.2

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

you might use the build in current OSX Build - #701 by MStraeten

If you have roboto font installed then also have a look at gtk&macOS&css: different behaviour regarding menu size on multi-instance and presets menu (on external display) depending on fonts · Issue #15083 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

Perfect! Thanks so much.

I did have to run:
xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine /Applications/darktable.app

in order for the Mac to be happy, but this fixes my issue.