Display of mask displaced

I keep experiencing the following:

I draw a mask (using the path tool) for the denoise profiled module. I then use the same mask for the Surface blur module, but inverting the mask. Turning on the display of the mask shows the non-yellow area displaced towrds the right edge of the picture. The effect of the mask seems to be correct though - I think it’s just the position of the yellow display that is wrong, not the mask itself.
I was hoing to open a bug issue for this, but as I started to do so (intending to attach raw and xmp files), and to describe the steps to reproduce, I discovered that closing darktable and then re-opening it, the issue has gone away.
This seems fairly repeatable on different pictures (darktable 3.4.0). So it’s a little annoying, but not greatly so. I haven’t noticed it on any other module.
Should I open a bug in the issue tracker anyway?

That’s probably the consequence of a lens correction, or something else that does image deformation between denoise profiled (which is very early in the pipe), and surface blur (which comes much later). If that’s the case, what you see is not a bug.

I do have the lens correction module enabled. But:

  1. It comes immediately after Surface Blur in the pipeline (according to the active modules display) and
  2. Why would restarting darktable cause the display to be as I expect?

hmm, that might indicate a cache refreshing issue.

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