Display of timestamps in image information

In the image information display in lighttable and darkroom, the import, change, export, and print timestamps occupy rows 6 - 9. This pushes exposure information out of the display viewport and the only way to see it is to scroll down. I’m wondering what the logic is for them being near the top of the image information instead of at the bottom. As a photographer, I’m much more interested in when I took the photo and what my settings were than when I imported, changed, exported, or printed the image.

I just thought I would ask in case there was a reason I wasn’t aware of, before I set out to change it.

It’s not the order I get on my dartable version. But this is maybe camera dependent.
Whatever; in version 3.0 there is an info line in the darkroom that allows you to choose what image information you want to display.
And the same principle is applied on image overlays in the lightroom in the future darktable 3.2.
So, it’s just a matter of a bit of waiting before this will be solved for you.
Otherwise, I have a lua module that can format an info line with some useful data if you want. It’s just a bunch of lines you can customize.

My bad, it’s only in git master. Timestamps for import, change, export, and print got added to the database and the image information module.

I figured out how they ended up where they did. When the code change was made the new fields got placed with the other internal information, which makes them display at the top. It makes sense code wise, but not usage wise. I’ll open an issue on github.