DNG format question

In a recent darktable issue resolution, I learned that there can be two types of DNG files: raw or non-raw.
I would like to understand what would a non-raw DNG be? Is it a wrapped jpeg?
Also, I would like to know if there’s a simple way to know if a specific DNG file is a raw or a non-raw file.

If you open a non-raw (demosaiced) dng in RawTherapee, the raw tab shows only Raw white points and Dark-Frame

Thanks, @heckflosse, very useful.
So, by following your steps, I confirm that my mobile’s dng file is in fact a raw file.

Exiftool can tell you:

$ exiftool -args -PhotometricInterpretation myfile.dng

-PhotometricInterpretation=Color Filter Array

“Color Filter Array” means, well, it’s a CFA (ie raw) image. Anything else means it isn’t.