Do cloud messengers change picture (jpeg) quality?

Hi, I’m specially interested in Whatsapp.

Yes, Whatsapp also reduces the image resolution (1600px as far as I remember)

And that happens regardless you’re sharing or shooting using Whatsapp builtin camera, right?
So, if I shoot with its camera app, I will never get the full res picture that the physical camera could make available, right?


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It resizes and compresses. Just look at the resultant image sizes. I don’t know how it would compare with Facebook (who owns it) but Facebook totally mangles my images. Sure, there are strategies to make them look better but it always ends in dismal quality no matter what I try. But it won’t stop grandmas and grandpas from re-sharing photos into oblivion despite my warnings.


Neither my son, who’s more on the communication side of it than on the technical one, despite my (almost desperate) warnings - it probably sounds a father’s boring bla-bla-bla to his ears. After all, they compress words into two letters (well, I also do this), why shouldn’t photographs, also?