Does anyone use a silicone skin on their camera body?

(Mica) #1

Does anyone use a silicone skin/cover on their camera? One like this:

If yes, how do you like it? Looking for pros and cons.


Silicone. :robot:

(Glenn Butcher) #3

I’d never heard of such a thing. Yes, I live in a cave. :smiley:

Well, I need a LCD protector, so this would probably do it. Reading the B&H reviews (Nikon D7000), some concern about pushing buttons, and fit over time… ??

(Mica) #4

They make screen protectors too, I already got one of those.

(Isaac Ullah) #5

A body condom for your camera?! What will they think of next! Lol!

I personally prefer leather half or full cases. If you don’t mind “leatherette” you can find ones made in eastern Asia for very little outlay on the 'bay. I got one for my EM10ii and it fits great with a variety of pancake lenses… Great to stash the camera in your bag and hit the streets!