does g'mic support color spaces other than srgb?


my question is in the subject: what does g’mic do if I use it with photos that are not in sRGB but larger color spaces such as prophot or adobergb? as far as I know, I can start the plug-in-version from Krita which supports large color spaces.
I could not find any info about this in the internet.
does it automatically convert everything to srgb?
thanks in advance

(Tobias) #2

G’mic doesn’t care about colour spaces, it just looks at the numbers.




While @Tobias is correct on one level, many non-builtin G’MIC commands (builtin are denoted by “(+)”), and almost all of the GUI filters, assume that your input files are sRGB or at least RGB (which in fact are sRGB linear) in the [0,255] range. When in doubt, refer to

Or simply keep it in regular sRGB or linear sRGB and between 0-255.

That said, it is possible for you to write your own colour conversion commands. @David_Tschumperle has exposed the existing colour conversion commands in gmic_stdlib.gmic to demonstrate how it could be done. You just need the right mathematics for your particular set of conversions.

(Graeme W. Gill) #5

That’s a hard way to go about it. Why can’t ICC profiles be used instead ?