Does rawtherapee-cli apply Dynamic Profile Rules?

Having a little time to muck around, scanning over the initial rawtherapee-cli import:

The discussion on GitHub doesn’t explicitly mention if Dynamic Profile Rules are applied. Performing a quick test it seems likely initiating rawtherapee on an image does apply all rules and profiles similarly as if rawtherapee.exe/bin were called itself. I believe the “-q” option averts or disregards all default profiles and rules, quickening the startup time of rawtherapee-cli. Did I comprehend the discussion correctly as well as rawtherpee-cli execution properly here?

  1. Doesn’t rawtherapee-cli, by default, apply the default profile set within rawtherapee GUI as well as Dynamic Profile Rules? I think I might end-up answering this one myself, use “-d” to use the rules specified within the rawtherapee GUI settings/preferences (eg. Dynamic) (The -h help statements were somewhat vague.) (My question #3 answers this question.)

  2. Within the “rawtherapee -h”, “-o” and “-O” options seem to be a little quirky, and “-O” should likely reference “-o” instead of “-O” within it’s help text? (rawtherapee-cli ignores the “-o” option.) I’m also experiencing if other options are not put within a specific order, some options might be omitted during rawtherapee-cli execution. To re-word this better, rawtherapee-cli seems to be ignoring options on the command line when the options are specified in a certain order. (eg. “-d” option placed at the end of the line after “-c” file/folder name.)

If the user specifies “-d” after the input filename, error “”-d" doesn’t exist!" is printed to stdout.

  1. No debug/verbose option when using rawtherapee-cli. If there were a debug option, likely the output would likely include information on what profiles and/or fixes are being applied. (I guess I could recompile with -ggdb. :wink: “-O” prints a pp3 file, and I can now see the lens’ profiles being applied.

Think maybe offering a patch to make the “-h” and manpage more explicitly worded?

Using the following for processing my raw files through the command line:

$ rawtherapee-cli -d -c /folder/input_file.nef

Use “-O” to also output the *.pp3 profiles used for processing.