Donations to darktable

(Stefan Schmitz) #1


we’re approaching the end of 2018 and it’s about time for my annual planning of “who gets what”

  • Gimp has received a small amount via Paypal through Gnome
  • Sea Shepherd has got some (yes - I am a watersport person and I support Sea Shepherd)
  • Wikipedia like every year
  • darktable is on the list but … I haven’t found any link or adress for donations. Help me out, please

(jo) #2


thanks for considering darktable, for my part i feel honoured :slight_smile:

we don’t have any coherent infrastructure to accept donations, mostly because we don’t want to deal with taxes (we tried to found a german e.V. once but didn’t get all that far).

i’d say just keep developing awesome pictures with it… and if i may add, i really like your work a lot. supporting part of a toolchain that enables this is rewarding enough.

(Stefan Schmitz) #3

Oh - thanks (eyes to the ground, red cheeks and all)

(Aurélien Pierre) #4

You can always found Gnome/GTK so that they fix their s***.
Or maybe just send emails of insults to Nvidia and Wacom until they decide to bake acceptable drivers for Linux. I mean the Wacom driver is pretty much a joke compared to Win and Mac.

(Stefan Schmitz) #5

I use a Wacom Intuos without problems in Gimp and darktable under xubuntu. What’s the beef?

(Aurélien Pierre) #6

Wacom touch features are a mess, with no proper palm rejection, and the drawing is laggy compared to Windows. Also my stylus is not detected by the driver, so I can’t configure the buttons (the tablet is a 5 years old Intuos Pen & Touch medium).