double dot in file name when saving/exporting photos


whenever I want to save/export a photo via the save icon (in the editor), I get a dot after the actual file name and if I do not delete the dot, I get a double dot in the file name of the exported/saved file, i.e. 2 dots between the file name and the extension. is this a (very minor) bug?
using RT 5.6 on Manjaro (I am quite sure that I have noticed this on other systems as well). RT was installed via the Manjaro package manager. kind of cannot imagine that others have not noticed this before. anyway I have noticed this some time ago.

(Peter) #2

Sometimes I get a highlighted dot (5.4 through 5.6) in Win 7. Seen similar behaviour in other applications. As I would usually rename saved file doesn’t bother me but perhaps if commonplace across platforms it could be addressed if it causes issues.

edit: on my system if I just hit save it does save with a double dot in filename but resulting file still seen in image viewers and opens in image editors, maybe more of an issue in Manjaro.