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Hi could someone direct me to a thread (if available) as to the steps in setting up a developers version of Raw Therapee on my PC (Windows 10)?
I know how to get to the site with the automated builds of RawTherapee but not sure what to do from there?

Just download from there

Thanks. And is the developers version updated automatically?


Not atm.

As others have said, the easy way is to download the nightly build (although it is currently frozen in time) or you can build it


  • As the windows automatic build stopped working due to cmake 3.20.0, as a backup, you can download W10 builds optimized for some architectures from here
    Unzip where you want and run rawtherapee.exe. for ease use a shortcut
    config folder located at c:/users//appdata/local/RawTherapee5-dev

  • You can build yourself. It is not complicated but be aware that cmake 3.20.0 is bugging now. If you want some help don’t hesitate, mainly to go back to a previous cmake version.



Should the skylake or icelake build be used with a coffee lake cpu? Also, what does Znver2 mean?

Thank you!

Afaik that’s for AMD Ryzen

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according to wikipedia
Skylake CPUs share their microarchitecture with Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Cannon Lake, Whiskey Lake, and Comet Lake CPUs.

so choose skylake

Nothing is more complicated than Intel processors roadmap. With all those stupid names, every one can confound micro architecture and implementation generation. skylake identifies a micro architecture but also an implementation.

The list of GCC X86 compilation options is given here

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