Download without creating sub-folder?

I want to download selected groupings of raw and jpg files from my SD card into an existing folder on my computer, WITHOUT creating a sub-folder, but WITH renamed files. Example filename:
This is a job code_photographer_date_file name.extention.
The master folder would be either a year or a month.

There would usually be corresponding .jpg files. I want them all in the same folder.
I have deleted all job codes, and created a renaming preset which does the naming OK, BUT:
The system creates a sub folder for each date, AND puts raw and jpg files in separate folders. It also forces me to create a job code for each batch, with is essentially the first two letters of the renamed file, so that’s OK, I guess.

What am I missing?

If I understand your message correctly, your workflow, year in year out, is to put all your files into one folder? If not, what is your workflow?

This is also something that interests me a bit… I just had this issue. I went around it by specifying a destination string identical to an existing folder.
Sometimes I’d like to download pictures and just rename them, but putting them in an existing folder.
I couldn’t find a better way to do this, e.g. by selecting a folder, then by typing in (or paste) the name of the existing folder in the ‘Destination’ settings.
Is there another way (maybe more reliable) to just download and rename files, without creating subfolder?


Thanks for your reply. Consider this item closed, or solved.

I solved this first ‘problem’ by creating a Job code named for an existing folder. Massimo Bill is doing the same thing, I think.

Of course, I could have let the program create the folder, but it already was there.

The Download Preset I used contained only . So when downloading and picking the folder-name job code, it filed all the raw and jpg files in the existing folder. The Renaming Presets are set up with the first two letters a code indicating the subject matter. This worked the way I wanted at that time: raw and jpg in normal sort order all in the folder, which was for December 2018.

You could use a job code.

If you settle on a consistent naming scheme for your subfolders then it would not be necessary to do this. Consistent is good. Inconsistent is bad.

…but exceptions may occur…
However… the answer to the question ‘is it possible to download and rename images into an existing folder?’ is: ‘Strictly speaking not, but you may get the same result by selecting a previously used job code (or typing an existing folder name)’, correct?


Using a job code is the logical way to do it.

More generally, if exceptions occur regularly in file renaming or subfolder generation, then a program like Rapid Photo Downloader is the wrong tool for the job. Personally I’m not aware of a robust photo downloading program that does not automatically create subfolders. Maybe they do exist and I’m just not familiar with them.