downloaded ver 1.0.6 onto iMac running Big Sur - Siril opens without the Scripts button

Has the latest version dropped the Scrips tab? I’m a new user and what’s showing as my Siril Screen doesn’t match with the tutorial description as it does not have a scripts button (or any scripts to view / edit) Im wanting to process/stack some Milky Way images.
Not sure if there is a problem with the latest download version.

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Please read here:

The script shown in the scripts directories is not what is referenced in the article…
Copy of th e scripts in the directory as follows:/private/var/folders/2r/lgqmgw2n4_sfs2vlk3mwczm40000gp/T/AppTranslocation/AA480C8C-44CE-4FC6-B9FC-42CD6D19B01B/d/…/Resources/share/siril/scripts

Also, I recently tried to open images shot RGB on my Canon 6D DSLR and they only open in B&W - how to fix this? I will definitely want to be processing in color.

Reading first tutorials should help.
Because this is normal to open color image in CFA monochrome when doing astrophotography :).