Durgin techniques with rawtherapee?


(Colin Pittendrigh) #1

I’m at best an advanced intermediate hobby photographer. But I do work at it.

I’ve been watching Harry Durgin’s good-as-it-gets tutorials on youtube. I am (or have been) an always Linux geeqie->RawTherapee->Gimp guy.

But I don’t see any obvious ways to make use of Harry Durgin’s Parametric Mask and Low Pass High Pass techniques with RawTherapee.

If I do want to make use of these very interesting and remarkably powerful Durgin techniques should I be digging deeper into the Rawtherapee documentation? Or should I be thinking about switching over to Darktable?

(Mica) #2

Do you have a few in particular?

(Colin Pittendrigh) #3

Perhaps I should watch this a few more times and then work with RawTherapee a bit–before asking any more questions. But it isn’t immediately obvious to me how to any of this with Rawtherapee.

(Mica) #4

Have you tried the Local Lab builds of RT? That’s the best way to get masking. Otherwise the released version of RT doesn’t have parametric masking capability.

(Colin Pittendrigh) #5

OK. I’m working with an AppImage Rawtherapee now but it is at least a few months old. I’m building a new hotrod Ryzen 7 gaming machine with 32 gig ram (I don’t do games, this is for video editing). I’ll be putting the latest and greatest everything on that box. Later today.

That’s a good answer. Thank you.

PS. I do see the “Luminosity Masking” tutorial here on pixls.us is Darktable specific.

(Mica) #6

If that isn’t sufficient, @patdavid has a good gimp luminosity masking tutorial on his website.