Dynamic Processing Profiles - I am doing something wrong

(Hansgeorg) #1

Hello altogether,
while trying to set up dynamic profiles, I run into some nebulosities …
What I hope to have understood is that the profiles are applied in the order on the list. In my case:

First is my old default profile, using a LUT by Stuart Sowerby.
Trying to get more pleasing results automagically, the second set ist automatic exposure correction and a modified tone curve - works good up to this point.
The third step would be to override the black level, which is (to my taste) too black. So there comes a third step containing only two lines:


This last step won’t be applied - I am doing something wrong here

(the XE profile appearing twice is due to my inability to correctly use Regex here)


(Alberto) #2


the rules are applied in order to build a single profile. I’m not 100% sure, but I suspect that if you have a profile that says “auto exposure”, the manually set black level just has no effect…

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(Hansgeorg) #3

Hi, thank you!
So this would make sense. Auto exposure aready sets a black level.