Dynamic processing rules based on path and filename


Is it possible to apply a dynamic processing profile to an image based on where it’s stored ?
Maybe using the command line ?

Or adding a filename and/or path option to this screen :
(Maybe I can work on a pull request)

My usecase :
I use my DSLR to scan my analogue photos.

  • If the raw file is in the folder Canon 5D MKIII I want a neutral profile
  • If the raw file is in the folder Leica M6 I want a negative black and white profile.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

If that’s the case, you don’t need the filename and path, right? Just use the Camera box to make a profile based on your camera name.

Dynamic profiles based on paths are not a bad idea in itself of course. If you can work on a PR that would be ideal, otherwise, feel free to put this feature request on our GitHub.


Thank you for your answer, sorry I wasn’t precise enough.
The Leica M6 is an analogue camera, but I’ll shoot the film with the canon Canon 5D MKIII
So all raws in both Canon 5D MKIII and Leica M6 folders are taken with the Canon 5D MKIII

You can learn more about this technique here :